With the gift of gab and the might of 1000 comic book retailers the Acme Comics crew waxes poetic on all things comics!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm legitimately proud of this episode of Acmecast. Not because of some feat of editing wizardry or the caliber of our guest, but because we let our passion fly as retailers and comic fans in a big, honest way despite what anyone else will have to say. I think it embodies what we were going for when we started Acmecast over a year ago better than anything else we've done thus far. Enjoy.

Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Adam run through the Gold Sponsor offerings for Free Comic Book Day 2012, mourn the loss of Brian Michael Bendis from the Avengers books at some point in 2012, and get fired up about the controversy surrounding Dark Horse's date & date digital announcement! All that, plus Comics at the Table and a look ahead to next week on Acmecast #55!

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