The Radiation!!!

Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Adam, Michael and Adrian gear up for the release of Thor and Free Comic Book Day by reading a whole pile of comics and going over all of the latest superhero news out of Hollywood!

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Acmecast #22 - Why So Serious?

Jermaine, Stephen, Adam, Frank and special guest Michael come down with a completely natural case of the giggles as they talk about Roger Langridge's serious remarks on the severe nature of modern comics, point out some DC goofs, chat with Free Comic Book Day guest Brian Smith about the debut of the Intrepid Escapegoat and bring out the ol' Spoiler Alert siren for Avengers #12!

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Acmecast #21 - Free Comic Book Day Edition!

Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Adrian and Adam give the lowdown on all things Free Comic Book Day! From early, spoiler-free reviews of books to FCBD's decade-old origins at Acme, from what to do and what time to do it to who all is going to be there! And afterwards they throw up their regular comics of the week up on the table and let you know what they thought of 'em!

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Acmecast #20 - Blowin' the Doors Off!

Fred Van Lente, writer of Herc, Power Man & Iron Fist, and Comic Books Comics joins Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Adrian via Skype to discuss the history of the medium, his over-the-top rogues gallery and the upcoming adaptation of Cowboys & Aliens. For their part, the guys recount on of the darkest days in Acme history and talk-up Nonplayer, Fear Itself, Blue Estate, Brightest Day, Annihilators and Madman! 

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Acmecast #19 - We We We So Excited

As things return to normal upon Stephen and Adam's return from Florida, or as normal as they ever get around Acme, Jermaine, Frank and Adrian join them in their first-hand accounts of super villain artist Rob Granito, give a helpful list of convention-going "do's" and "don't's", speak the praises of Jimmy Olsen #1 and roll out their plans to help the victims of the recent tragedies in Japan with an assist from the King of the Monsters!

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