The Radiation!!!

As the minutes tick away on Christmas Eve EVE, Stephen and Jermaine, along with an all-star cast of guests, bring you a radio drama, reflect on some of their biggest moments of the year, making the first creator announcements for Free Comic Book Day 2011, get knee-deep in this week's books and throw some stocking stuffer ideas at you!

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What's This, A Podcast or Somethin' #1 - What Christmas is All About

In lieu of Acmecast, this week we bring you the first episode of a brand new show on the Acme Wave Projector hosted by former Acmecast guest Adam and Stephen covering pretty much everything under the sun EXCEPT comics!

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Acmecast #6 - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

As we creep just two weeks away from the Christmas holiday, Jermaine and Stephen, along with their good buddy Frank, wax poetic about some of their favorite gifts, their favorite comics of the week and their favorite items around the store!

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On this unusually light week of comics, Jermaine, Stephen and special guest Adam talk about the success of the recent Very Dapper Signing, reflect on the madness that was the Sitdown with the M.O.B. signing a year ago this week, and explain that there are plenty of good books for you to try on the new release shelf this week. This episode also features the second installment of the Acme Holiday Gift Guide!

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Love in the Time of Comics #2 - World Travelers

Stephen and Carly talk about what it was like to host a house full of cartoonists for a week and where comics have taken them across this great country of ours (here's a's mainly to convention floors!).

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