The Radiation!!!

Jermaine and Stephen make their relationship work long distance as they discuss how their trip to Baltimore Comic Con went, the abrupt closing of a comic retail juggernaut, the DC Relaunch Initiative by the numbers, an upcoming signing for the fall and the fun of Internation Reading Comics in Public Day!

You also get part 2 of the Avengers Assemble ongoing discussion as Jermaine, John and Ryan make their way through the Thunderbolts and Avengers vol. 3!

Lastly, the gang bids a very fond and very real farewell to Michael in the Acme Adventure Hour episode 7!

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First off, the Acme Adventure Hour returns with a new logo and the first part of a story entitled "Michael Says Goodbye"!

Then Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Michael, Adam and Scott talk to Jonathan Hickman for the majority of the show about next week's Ultimates #1, October's Feel Better Now and November's Fantastic Four #600!

Finally they get down to the regular business of discussing the complexities involved in promoting the DC 52 Relaunch Initiative and the many facets of the greatness that is Daredevil #2

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Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Michael and Scott determine a statute of limitations for the DC 52 Relaunch, sing the praises of Astro City and discuss the possibility of a Walking Dead graphic novel prequel as well as the rest of the week's books!

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man writer Brian Michael Bendis takes some time out of the media whirlwind that was the release of Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 to discuss the process of creating Miles Morales and tease the launch of Brilliant, the return of Scarlet, the follow-up to Takio and the filming of the Powers TV pilot!

Then Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Michael, Adam and Jay weigh in on the controversy surrounding the reveal of the new Spidey and become a room divided over the conclusion of Batman: Knight of Vengeance!

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EXCLUSIVE! Jermaine and Eddie recount their adventures from San Diego Comic Con International 2011! Need more be said?!

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