The Radiation!!!
Acmecast #18 - The C2E2 Tapes

Fight through a little bit of stack to hear Stephen, Frank and Adrian regal Jermaine and Adam with reviews of Chicago food, creators and fun before the whole gang joins in to discuss their hauls from this week and an ongoing debate about the current arc of Amazing Spider-man!

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Acmecast #17 - Yeah, Welcome to the 90s

Stephen, Frank and Adrian check in from Chicago and C2E2, but the real talk comes when Jermaine sits down with Cemetery Blues and Zeke Deadwood writer and former Acme employee Ryan Rubio to discuss their favorite stories of the 1990s, including Batman: Knightfall, Batman: The Animated Series, John Ostrander's Spectre, Infinity Gauntlet, Green Lantern and Preacher! BONUS! They also talk about their LEAST favorites!

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Acmecast #16 - Asleep at the Wheel

On Acmecast #16 Jermaine and Adam pluck the ol' banjo and croon out what is sure to be a new country favorite, we talk to Free Comic Book Day 2011 guest and Supergirl artist Jamal Igle and everyone gushes over Chris Samnee's debut on Ultimate Spider-man!

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Acmecast #15 - I Don't Want to Talk About That
NOW IN STEREO! Lacking a special guest this week, Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Adrian try their hands at translating German, congratulate Bendis on Powers being greenlit for a pilot by FX and shine a special spotlight on the all-ages releases of the week!
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