The Radiation!!!

Stephen and Pete catch you up on the last three days of announcements from the ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting, including new titles from Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez and Marvel Star Wars, Image publisher Eric Stephenson's remarks, and MORE!

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Stephen and Pete come to you LIVE from the ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meetings with their reactions to the Day One announcements from Dark Horse, DC Collectibles, DC Sales & Marketing and, most importantly, DC Rebirth!

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Preacher pt. 3 (of 6)

Stephen, Rob and Adam put their reservations about the Deadpool feature film out on front street, bat about their best guesses as to what DC's Rebirth Initiative could be prior to the hopeful reveal at next week's ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting, and plot the chronology of Preacher's Ancient History throughout Book Three!

Show Notes:

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