The Radiation!!!
Acmecast #14 - Skyward!

The gang of Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Adrian and Adam really begins to gel as they mourn the loss of Dwayne McDuffie, have a lively conversation while catching up with Jeremy and Kelly Dale, choose sides between Fantastic Four #588 and Amazing Spider-man #655 and dig through all of the other comics at the table!

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Stephen uses all of his editing powers to rearrange the pieces of this week's episode into a puzzle for everyone to enjoy! One thing that was completely on point? Our guest, Return of the Dapper Men and Widowmaker writer Jim McCann, who took some time on the day of its release to go over all of the ins-and-outs of HAWKEYE: BLINDSPOT #1!

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Acmecast #12 - Happy Valentime's!

On this happiest of Valentime's weekends, we talk to our old buddy Gregg Schigiel via Skype for the first time, discussing SpongeBob Comics #1 and the Super Bowl comic movie spots. We also become a podcast crew divided over New Avengers #9 and take a look into next week! And Frank almost gets us in trouble!

NOTE! Gregg wants everyone to know that the Mike Maihack comic that escaped him during the recording is entitled COW & BUFFALO!

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Acmecast #11 - Our Muffin Top IS All That!

We did not record this on a plane. We did not record this on a train. We did not record it from a car. We did not record it from afar. We just had some unforeseen technical difficulties. But if you can make it through, get ready for one of the most lively and informative Acmecasts to date!

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