The Radiation!!!

Dedicated to Jermaine's beard! Stephen is joined by Carly for the opening segment in which they revisit the earliest days of the Acme Wave Projector with a brief Love in the Time of Comics reprieve before Jermaine, Frank, Adam and Michael join in to discuss this week's comics, including the Death of Spider-man in Ultimate Comics Spider-man #160!

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Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Michael are joined for the entire episode by special co-host Sean Wheatley (Left Coast who spends time catching up with the Acme gang and sharing his adventures in comic shops around the globe! Frank, Stephen and Jermaine give their initial reactions to Green Lantern from an overcrowded dinner! The Acme Adventure Hour makes a triumphant return with its second case! And they even find time to talk about the books on the shelf this week!

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Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Adam and Michael give their gut-reactions to the 40-some-odd DC titles announced to be a part of September's reboot, give a more unified critique of X-Men: First Class, try to figure out who exactly the Mystery Men are, and endeavor to throw and subsequently thwart a full-scale rebellion, all in the span of an hour!

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The first case of the Acme Adventure Hour wraps up in the opening segment, followed by some hard-hitting comic industry commentary, initial, in the moment reactions to X-Men First Class immediately after the midnight screening, and Comics at the Table, going over every Flashpoint and Fear Itself tie-ins plus some independent standouts!

Editor's Note - Stephen apologizes to the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence. He doesn't even know Victoria Justice is. Who is that? Really? Is she a comic book character?

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