The Radiation!!!

Stephen puts all of his faith and trust in Jermaine, Griffin, Mike, Cody and Riley as he takes his first week off EVER from the show while the rest of the guys discuss George Perez's remarks regarding Superman in the New 52, their experiences at HeroesCon 2012, what you can do to grow your own comics community and all of the comics at the table!

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Jermaine, Stephen and Jay avoid disaster multiple times on the production end of things to bring you the latest on Acme in-store signings, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's mission, last minute tips for HeroesCon 2012 and reviews of all of the Comics at the Table!

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The next great Acmecast saga begins with part one of Jermaine and Ryan Rubio's Thanos Quest! Then Michael reminds the world that the comics industry is just that, an industry, Stephen shares his honest-to-goodness greatest fear and DJ Griffin Kale goes one step beyond sound engineering to get hands on and edit his first segment!

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Acmecast #81 - Feature Length

It's Amazon Economics 101 to kick things off! Then Jermaine, Griffin and Michael speak with Tonya of Desert Wind Comics to clarify the procedures for procuring an autograph from Stan Lee during HeroesCon 2012! Stephen joins the fray as the gang catches up with Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt! Michael uses Hammett Time to make sure you're really enjoying what you're reading! And finally, it's another jam-packed, controversy-ridden edition of Comics at the Table!

Show Notes:

  • Go to Desert Wind for any further questions you have about Stan Lee's appearance at HeroesCon 2012.
  • Get your advance 3-day passes for HeroesCon 2012.
  • @MattKindt on
  • Matt, Matt's official home online.
  • Pre-order a HeroesCon 2012 watercolor sketch from Matt Kindt and Brian Hurtt.
  • Mind MGMT preludes available from Dark Horse Digital.
  • The Damon Lindelof/ Jeff Lemire Batman story Griffin mentions is the new Legends of the Dark Knight, available from Comixology.
  • Comics at the Table - Before Watchmen Minutemen #1, Earth 2 #2, Harbinger #1, Secret #2, Creator Owned Comics #1, Avengers vs. X-Men #5.
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Jermaine, Stephen, Frank, Griffin and Mike are joined in the studio by MonstHer creator and Artist Alley Comics co-founder Kelly Yates to discuss the ins-and-outs of the new digital comics distribution site, debuting on June 22nd, just in time for HeroesCon! Then Hammett Time takes a turn that not even Mike's fellow podcasters are prepared for! Finally, it's a fifth week edition of Comics at the Table!

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