The Radiation!!!

Editor's Note: After the rough first mix on Acmecast #200, I took extra pains to make this the best sounding episode of our entire run!

Jermaine and Stephen OD on Guardians of the Galaxy as they page through July's Previews magazine, wrap up their adventures at HeroesCon 2014, and look forward to a packed midway point of the year!

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Recorded live at HeroesCon 2014 in Charlotte, NC on June 20th!

For nearly four years, Jermaine “Lord Retail” Exum, Stephen Mayer, and the rest of the Acme Comics crew have been bringing you in-depth interviews with your favorite creators, up-to-date reviews of the week’s books, and any other untold amount of nonsense. Now with over 150,000 downloads and 199 episode in the rearview mirror, join them to celebrate their 200th show LIVE with any number of guest drop-ins to be announced!

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Join us on Friday, June 20th at 2:30 PM as we record Acmecast #200 LIVE at HeroesCon 2014 at the Charlotte Convention Center! Special guests, games and Comics at the Table galore! Stop by and see us at Booth 1908-1910 on the show floor before and afterwards!

Recorded live at Acme Comics Presents on Saturday, March 29th, 2014!

ACTION LAB BUSINESS FORUM with Kelly Dale & Kevin Freeman!

  • Once you have an idea or finished product, how to market it via social media or conventions to stores and the public!
  • How to present your portfolio or story to a publisher!
  • What constitutes intellectual property and how to protect it!
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Jermaine & Stephen catch you up on the latest Acme events and comic news, bring you the second half of the Action Lab Day Artist's Forum, and break through two weeks of Comics at the Table!

Recorded live at Acme Comics Presents on Saturday, March 29th!

How to turn a written script into finished art! How to decide between working with full color and black & white! How to layout a cover to stand out on store shelves!

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