With the gift of gab and the might of 1000 comic book retailers the Acme Comics crew waxes poetic on all things comics!

As the minutes tick away on Christmas Eve EVE, Stephen and Jermaine, along with an all-star cast of guests, bring you a radio drama, reflect on some of their biggest moments of the year, making the first creator announcements for Free Comic Book Day 2011, get knee-deep in this week's books and throw some stocking stuffer ideas at you!

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What's This, A Podcast or Somethin' #1 - What Christmas is All About

In lieu of Acmecast, this week we bring you the first episode of a brand new show on the Acme Wave Projector hosted by former Acmecast guest Adam and Stephen covering pretty much everything under the sun EXCEPT comics!

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Acmecast #6 - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

As we creep just two weeks away from the Christmas holiday, Jermaine and Stephen, along with their good buddy Frank, wax poetic about some of their favorite gifts, their favorite comics of the week and their favorite items around the store!

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On this unusually light week of comics, Jermaine, Stephen and special guest Adam talk about the success of the recent Very Dapper Signing, reflect on the madness that was the Sitdown with the M.O.B. signing a year ago this week, and explain that there are plenty of good books for you to try on the new release shelf this week. This episode also features the second installment of the Acme Holiday Gift Guide!

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Love in the Time of Comics #2 - World Travelers

Stephen and Carly talk about what it was like to host a house full of cartoonists for a week and where comics have taken them across this great country of ours (here's a's mainly to convention floors!).

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Acmecast #4 - Are we still in Greensboro?

Jermaine and Stephen return with new content and along with special guests Adam and Adrian, they mourn the scheduled passing of Thor: the Mighty Avenger, have some turkey and comics at the table, and let you in on all the must-have, high-end holiday items! Let the Yuletide season begin!

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Acmecast #3 - the Back Issue Bin

We've been so busy this week getting ready for our Very Dapper signing on Saturday that we haven't had time to record a fresh Acmecast! So we dipped into the old back issue bin and found a gem from September when we were still cutting our podcasting chops!

Enjoy and we'll be back next week with a new episode!

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Acmecast #2 - Everything's Great All the Time

In the second issue of Acmecast, Stephen and Jermaine do a better job of introducing themselves, wonder if the worse spoilers are actually preview pages and give you a look into next week's Avengers #7! Featuring special guest John Bethel!

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Acmecast #1 - Fo' Real!

In the inaugural Acmecast, Jermaine gets excited about Batman again, Stephen fills you in on all of the happenings around the store, and the gang gives their thoughts on the pilot episode of AMC's the Walking Dead!

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While Stephen was getting to know Carly he was also getting to know a whole new world of names, faces and stories that not even he could have known would have such an impact on his life. Throw in roommates, exams and part-time jobs and you've got an all-American love story for an all-American genre.

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We're HERE!

While there are plenty of podcasts that focus on the people that MAKE comics and the people that READ comics, Acme Wave Projector is coming to you straight from the people that SELL comics!

We can't unsee many of things that have happened within these walls, but we can share them with you, transformed from nightmares into humorous anecdotes!

Together Jermaine Exum and Stephen Mayer have 2 Eisner nominations and over 20 years of comic retailing experience between them. When you unpack 10,000 new books a week, it gives you a pretty unique perspective on your own hobby.

That's not all! Acme Wave Projector will also serve as a home to a variety of comics-related podcasts, so stay tuned!



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