The Radiation!!!

Stephen, Jay and Austin explore the controversies surrounding Erik Larsen and J. Scott Campbell's comments on Wonder Woman's new costume, June's proposed Batgirl #40 Joker variant by Rafael Albuquerque and accusations against X-Men '92 writer Chris Sims from fellow blogger Valerie D'Orazio before getting caught up on two weeks of Comics at the Table! As if that wasn't enough, Jermaine and Val also bring you a road report on Wizard World Raleigh!

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Jermaine, Stephen and Jay welcome new Acme employee and podcast editor Austin to the show as they attempt to make sense of the structure of Secret Wars, illuminate on the distinction that there are Artist Editions and then there is everything else, and call their shots on the best comics and graphic novels in the March Previews catalogue for items shipping in May!

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Jermaine, Stephen and Jay announce the arrival of writer, artist, painter, Vertigo cornerstone and Eisner-award winner Jill Thompson to the sketch pavilion for Free Comic Book Day 2015, run through three big weeks of Comics at the Table, and check in on the happenings at the 2015 ComicsPRO Annual Meeting in Portland with special correspondent and Pittsburgh Comics owner Colin McMahon, all before mourning the passing of Leonard Nimoy as the news breaks.

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Category:general -- posted at: 9:19 PM bring you these very special announcements from DC and Marvel Comics! The revelations of Divergence and Secret Wars that came to light Friday morning were too big to ignore for eight days, so Jermaine, Stephen, Jay and John bring you this special report on the plans publishers' plans post-Convergence and on Battleworld!

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After recovering from an excellent Charlotte Mini Con 2015, Jermaine and Stephen crack open the February Previews catalogue for items shipping in April to shed new insights on Convergence and Secret Wars, Inhumans and Star Wars, Brian Wood and Mark Millar! Plus, their thoughts on the Fantastic Four reboot trailer!

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Jermaine and Stephen collect and analyze all the available data about the Big Two spring/ summer events, DC's Convergence and Marvel's Secret Wars, in an attempt to assuage fears, educate prospective readers and have some fun! They also gush over Spider-Verse and Guardians of the Galaxy and beg for more advance reader copies to books like Black Mask's We Can Never Go Home!

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Recorded live at Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema on Saturday, January 10th as part of the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Release Party festivities, join Jermaine, Stephen and first-timer Colleen as they sit down with artist Erica Henderson and colorist Rico Renzi and get the lowdown on their creative process and their preference of Star Wars vs. Star Trek!

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Even on the day before our Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Release Party with Erica Henderson & Rico Renzi, there's just too much comic news to be ignored, so join Stephen and Jay as they give their take on the 2014 Diamond Gem Awards, critique the 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter and the Ant-Man teaser trailer, and express their excitement for all of the announcements from Thursday's Image Expo in San Francisco!

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Stephen, Jay and Riley look back on the year that was with they favorite convention stories (and meals), their observations (and opinions) on the industry's transformations, their favorite new books on the year, and the titles they could have done without completely!

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  • "I wondered the other day how as yet there hasn't been a CW show called “Riverdale”, a la Smallville, with a teen-drama take on Archie and the gang." - Gregg Schigiel
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From our family to yours, 'tis the season of giving and we've delivered what is sure to be the #1 holiday single of the year!

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